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Kandace González 

     Kandace has over 29 years in movement training. She is a Power Pilates® Teacher Trainer and previous regional director; TX Licensed Massage Therapist, TX Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor a GYROTONIC® Master Trainer, GYROKINESIS® Level 1&2 instructor; Amino Nuero Frequency Therapy Holistic Therapist; 3rd Dan in Tae Kwon Do; a fully Certified STOTT Pilates instructor including Rehab Mat, Rehab on Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels; TRX, BOSU, Reebok Core Board, Yoga Alliance 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher; YOGA FIT Level


1&2, and APEX Fit Pro certified, among thirty plus accreditations and certifications.

​Kandace found GYROTONIC® and Pilates when looking for an alternative to surgery for an injury of her own. This movement system restored her body to the mobility and strength that allowed her to become pain free. Kandace has years of experience in working with injured athletes, dancers, weekend warriors, or those just trying to improve their Golf Game.

     She has worked with DAVE RASMUSSEN PGA tour coach mastering GYROTONIC® for GOLF APPLICATIONS and with PHYSIOTHERAPIST PAUL HORVATH in the SCOLIOSIS PROTOCOL. She works with Julio Horvath, creator of GYROTONIC® regularly and has earned further concentrations in Jumping stretching board, ARCHWAY, Ladder, Leg extension unit, GYROKINESIS HAPPY MOVES, and GYROTONIC AS A MUSICAL JOURNEY as well as many other GYROTONIC® Licenses.

​     Kandace has had the privilege of working  with Bob Liekens, Kathy VanPatten, Dr Howard Sichel, Sebastian Plettenberg, Lisa Marie Goodwin-Rice, Lucrezia Caricola, Susan Moran, Magali Messac, Hillary Cartwright, Eric Franklin, Tom Myers, Michael King, Kathi Ross-Nash, Nora St John,  and more.

Kandace Gonzalez, LMT, MTI, CPT, MMP (Med).

Marc González 



     Marc spans has over 20 years in movement based training.  Often, we seek Massage Therapy to relieve the effects of emotional stress, muscular discomfort, or physical fatigue. He sought out Massage Therapy after sustaining injuries from multiple blasts in combat, “Operation Enduring Freedom”, Afghanistan. Upon his return home, he was retired from active military service (USMC 1999-2007 & USA 2009-2015). In his words : "Though my tour of service was over, my body still had strains, aches, and pains that affected my daily life. I sought out relief through traditional means of physical therapy and prescription medicine to no avail, I still felt horrible. I came to the harsh realty that regardless of my numerous awards and military certifications, these meant nothing when seeking help.  I decided to seek alternative means and in the process, I was introduced to Jan Kelly of Midwest Myofascial Release in 2015 a Master MFR Therapist.

I like to say she introduced me to my “Psoas”. I came to the understanding of how one muscular dysfunction can affect the entire body as well as how fascia can have a greater effect on the pains and strains on the body."

     He decided he wanted to be able to offer the same care or better that he was afforded in sustaining life with pain. He attended Wellspring School of Allied Health earning a degree in Occupational Science (OS) concurrently with Massage Therapy practitioner  (LMT), he also earned a degree as a Master Massage Practitioner (MMP), Certified as a Graston Technique Specialist (GTS), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification, and certification in Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES), International Sports Science Association Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA-CPT), LMT Success Medical Massage Practitioner (MMP-med). Certified as a John Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) Therapist and trained in Cranio-Sacral. He later was offered to hone his techniques from Jan Kelly and further progressed in his knowledge by his wife Kandace Gonzalez. He too hold a black belt one in American Karate Kung Fu and another as a Marine Corps Black belt instructor.

    His other trainings which he uses to support his clients session include: Glass heated Cupping( Specializing in both static cupping and movement based. Using Glass heated cups, plastic hydraulic actuated cups and silicone pressure actuated cups.), Cryo-Therapy, Swedish, Reflexology Base, Sports (pre-game and post-game) and Prenatal and Neuromuscular massages ranging from Pediatric to Geriatric clients. My main stance of therapy is Medical Massage Supported by Myofascial Release, with supports from Graston® Techniques and Personal Training. As I feel these therapies are complimenting and supportive when used together.

 Marco “Marc” Gonzalez, LMT, MTI, MMP (OS), GTS, CES, CPT, MMP (Med).

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