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      I just wanted to say thank you! After years of chronic and worsening hip, back, and neck pain and having tried numerous other medical modalities and therapies with little to no short, let alone long,-term relief or improvement I ran across Myofascial Release. I was somewhat skeptical of anything really being able to help me because of having tried so many other things with no real improvement and the knowledge that my past 19 years of being a firefighter wearing 70lb gear probably contributed to my chronic pain and problems, so I was blown away by how amazing it worked taking away almost ALL of my pain and freeing up much of my restricted movement throughout my hips, back, and shoulder after just the first visit! I was so impressed and inspired I decided to see how much more it might continue to help and after going in once each week for the past 2 months I am even more elated with the results and grateful to have come across you. I cannot thank you enough for what you do and cannot recommend you highly enough to anyone and everyone dealing with any type of physical pain!

THANK YOU!! — Tomina Meyers

Tomina Meyers

Client of Marc Gonzalez

"World of difference on my run today. Warmed up with the hip, abdominal and chest massage like you said. Then some 20lb DB's

(dumbells) wide stance sumo dead's ( Deadlifts ) and body weight side lunges. Side planks with hip raise.

Ran faster and felt lighter than usual.

Thanks for the help - Mitchell Zimmerman

Mitchell Zimmerman - Iron Man Triathlete

Client of Kandace Gonzalez 

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